Updated 23 June, 2019

All commands are typed in in-game chat and begin with a  /   Commands have access levels and won't work for you if your level is too low.

Misc Commands:

Use this command if you have received an invite to join the IRC server and want further instructions from the bot.

/add command {command} message {custom message}
Add a custom command. Currently all it can do is send a private message. Later more actions will be added including the ability to add multiple actions.

/bk {bookmark number}
Teleport to the numbered bookmark (Admins only)

/bookmark {message}
Record the coordinates where you are standing with a message. This was created to help admins quickly teleport to places that players wanted screenshot or videoed by admins before a server wipe.
Only admins can teleport to them. Players can only view a list of the bookmarks created by themselves.

/claim vote
Claim your reward for voting for the server at 7daystodie-servers.com
Can only be claimed once per day.

/list bookmarks {player}
If players have bookmarked coordinates on your server, this command will give you a numbered list of a player's bookmarks
Players can only list their own bookmarks and can't teleport to them.

/bail {player} /bail {player} pay {amount}
Anyone can bail a prisoner out of prison if they have enough Zennies.
If you don't have enough Zennies you can reduce the bail by making payment towards it.

/get region {x coordinate} {z coordinate}
Get the region name for the supplied coordinates.

/invite {player}
Invite a player to join the IRC server. Choose carefully who you invite.

/custom commands
List the custom commands.

/mark {name} start/end or p1/p2
Mark out a named area to be used later with commands that accept coordinate pairs
You can save and reload it using Coppi's Mod with /save {name} and /load prefab {name}
Or if using djkrose's scripting Mod with /export {name} and /import {name}
Mark two opposite corners of the area you wish to copy. Move up or down between corners to add volume or stay at the same height to mark out a flat area.

/remove command {command}
Remove a custom command.

If the bot asks you a yes/no question you can simply say yes or use this command to hide your response if commands are hidden.