Updated 1 July, 2019


Issue:  Mudlet can fill an error log until you run out of disk.

Mudlet is a GUI application that requires a desktop environment.  On Linux you may encounter an issue with Mudlet filling an error log called .xsession-errors with meaningless spam (not actual errors).  Left unchecked, the log will grow to enormous size and will eventually fill all free space.  You can prevent this from happening by creating a cron (timed) job that nukes the log.

Here is a script that zeroes .xsession-errors  Note:  This may not be required if using the Mudlet AppImage.  It was an issue with the Modded mudlet which I later learned could be fixed with the commandline switch -x

Download the script and put it in the Desktop folder in Linux, then right-click on the script and in the permissions tab make it executable.

To create the cron job, in a Linux terminal type crontab -e  If it asks you to select an editor, I recommend you select nano.

Use your down arrow key to move to the end of the file and type 0 * * * * ~/Desktop/emptylogs.sh

To finish editing and save press control x


Issue: Mudlet won't automatically restart if it closes or quits.

This can be fixed with a launcher script.  See Setting Up Your Bot for info and scripts.


Issue: Mudlet requires a desktop environment to run.

There is nothing I can do about this unless I recode the bot from scratch as a server-side dll or something.  I have no plans to do that at present as I would lose many features in Mudlet and Linux that I can't do without plus it would be a huge task.  No thanks :P


Issue: On IRC the bot sometimes stops listening but still sends stuff to IRC.

This is mainly a bug in Mudlet 3.x (the AppImage Mudlet).  I haven't encountered it recently so it may have been fixed in one of many Mudlet updates.  The easiest way to fix it is to restart Mudlet.  Generally the bot will still work in-game so from there you can type /restart bot.  Note that you have to be using my launcher script or Mudlet won't restart. Currently all of the hosted bots are still using the older modded Mudlet which doesn't have this bug (which is why we still use it).