Botman would not be possible without the help and support of many friends.
I would like to thank;

Soylent who saw the potential of the bot back in 2014 and pestered me to add this and add that.

TheFae for help with Mudlet and putting up with me at all hours of the day.

All of the players on Barren Realms, many of whom I count as personal friends who stuck with us through thick and thin, suffering many broken legs along the way and many deaths for science and the advancement of the bot. Also our admins who endured many hours stuck in the sky.  I'll get you down any day now, any day.

My friends on the New Haven servers who joined the bot brigade early on and watched it growing up.

Highope at Botmanhosting for everything and then some and also for being a great friend.  I swear he doesn't sleep!

Noobs and all of my friends at Something More Serious in Canada who are not at all sorry that they run a whole flock of bots.

Deadgamer for the awesome logo and webby advice and admin Jaek for a nice long chat about web security and stuff ^^

Zombiehunter0502 for helping me test stuff and for being a good sport while I set him on fire several times.

Coppi for his awesome work adding new commands to Alloc's Mod and Alloc for making it possible to admin at all.

StompyNZ for his awesome Bad Company (BC) mod and for adding many of the old Coppi's mod features.

All of the mod makers and server manager coders for keeping things interesting.

Vazkor, owner of Apocalypse Soon for hours of entertainment.

All of the server owners who have adopted the bot and help me with bug reports, and give me ideas for new features.

All of the admins who use or attempt to use the bot's many many commands.  I'll complete the help soon I promise!

Thank you to all of the players who love the bot to bits and keep telling me how awesome it is.

Thank you to everyone who has assisted me with hosting and everyone who has supported me with donations, encouragement, fun chats and all those countless group invites :O

A big thank you to all of the hackers, dupers and griefers for helping me tune the bot's detection and defenses.  You guys bedrock! :D

And thanks to The Fun Pimps for creating a great game, bugs and all because without it we wouldn't have the awesome communities that thrive on so many servers.

Thanks guys! :D