Updated 23 June, 2019

Hotspots are in-game private messages that are triggered when a player's position is inside the active zone of a hotspot.  Hotspots are used to give the player instructions or information.  To prevent them spamming the player, the bot remembers the last 10 hotspots triggered by the player and won't repeat a hotspot that is still on that list.

All commands are typed in in-game chat and begin with a  /   Commands have access levels and won't work for you if your level is too low.

Hotspot commands:

/hotspot {message}
Create a hotspot at your current position with a message.

/delete hotspot {hotspot number from list}
Delete a hotspot by its number in a list.

/delete hotspots {player name}
Players can only delete their own hotspots but admins can add a player name or id to delete the player's hotspots.

/hotspots {player name}
List your own hotspots. Admins can list another player's hotspots.

/move hotspot {hotspot number from list}
Move a hotspot to your current position.

/resize hotspot {hotspot number from list} size {size}
Change a hotspot's radius to a max of 10 (no max size for admins).
eg. /resize hotspot 3 size 5. See /hotspots to get the list of hotspots.

/hotspot {hotspot number from list} action {action from list: pm, tele, drop, spawn}
NOTE: This command is not finished. Setting it won't do anything yet.
Change a hotspot's action. The deafault is to just pm the player but it can also teleport them somewhere, spawn something or buff/debuff the player.
eg. /hotspot {number of hotspot} action {pm/tele/drop/spawn} {location name/spawn list}
If spawning items or entities use the format item name,quantity|item name,quantity|etc or entity id, entity id, entity id, etc