Updated 2 July, 2019

All commands are typed in in-game chat and begin with a  /   Commands have access levels and won't work for you if your level is too low.

BC Mod Commands:

/dig (or fill) {optional number} (default 5)
Dig a hole or fill a hole.
This can also be used to make tunnels and walls.
When not digging or filling up or down, a compass direction is needed (north, south, east, west)
There are several optional parts, wide, block, tall, base and long.
Default block is air, base is at your feet and the others default to 5.
/dig north wide 3 tall 3 long 100
/dig bedrock wide 1
/dig up (makes a 5x5 room)
/dig up (or room) wide 5 tall 10 (makes a 10x10 room)
/fill east base 70 wide 2 tall 10 long 50 block steelBlock
/fill bedrock wide 2 block stone
/fill {saved prefab} block stone

You can repeat the last command with /again and change direction with /again west

/show/hide commands
Hide commands from ingame chat which makes them all PM's or show them which makes them public. They will still appear in the web client.

/mute/unmute {player name}
Muting a player blocks their ingame chat from being seen by other players. You will still see it from the web client.
It does not block voice chat sadly.

/set new player/player/donor/prisoner/mod/admin/owner chat colour FFFFFF
/reset chat colour
Set the default chat colour for a class of player. You can also set chat colour for a named player.
eg. /set player joe chat colour B0E0E6
To disable automatic chat colouring, set it to white which is FFFFFF
To reset everyone to white type /reset chat colour everyone

/spawn horde {optional player or location name} {number of zombies}
Spawn a horde around a player or location or at a marked coordinate. See /set horde.

/trader add/trader del {named area}
After marking out a named area with the /mark command, you can add or remove trader protection on it.

/delete save {number taken from /list saves}
After /list saves, you can delete a save from the list.
Note that the list is temporary, but will last until the next time a list is generated. If it doesn't work, do another /list saves.

/erase {optional number} (default 5)
/erase block {block name} replace {with other block name} {optional number}
eg. /erase block stone replace air 20
Replace an area around you with air blocks. Add a number to change the size.

/make maze (default maze 20 x 20)
/make maze wall {block name} fill {air block} width {number} length {number} height {number} x {x coord} y {y coord} z {z coord}
The bot also accepts wide, long, and tall instead of width, length, and height.
Generate and build a random maze. Someone must stay there until the maze completes or it will fail to spawn fully.
Default values: wall steelBlock fill air width 20 length 20 height 3. It uses your current position for x, y and z if not given.

/stop/cancel maze
Aborts any maze(s) that you have told the bot to create.

/fix bedrock {distance}
You can replace the bedrock layer below you up to {distance} away from your position.
You only need to be over the area to be fixed. No other layers are touched.

/undo {optional name of saved (marked) area}
Undo your last block command.

/list saves {optional player name}
List all your saved marked areas or those of someone else. This list is coordinate pairs of places in the world that you have marked for some block command.
You can use a named save with the block commands.
You can teleport to them with /tp #{name of marked area}.
You can delete one /delete save {list number of marked area}.

/save {name}
After marking out the area you want to copy, you can save it.

/set/clear horde
Marks your current position to spawn a horde there with /spawn horde.
Clear horde doesn't remove the horde. It only clears the saved coordinate.

/load prefab {name}
/load prefab {name} at {x} {y} {z} face {0-3}
/load prefab {name} here
Everything after the prefab name is optional and if not given, the stored coords and rotation will be used.
Restore a saved prefab in place or place it somewhere else.
If you provide coords and an optional rotation (default is 0 - north), you will make a new copy of the prefab at those coords.
If you instead add here, it will load on your current position with optional rotation.
If you only provide the name of the saved prefab, it will restore the prefab in place which replaces the original with the copy.

/list (or /li) {partial name of an item or block}
List all items containing the text you are searching for.