The source is available on my public repository at github. Bot source updated 27 August 2018.

Mudlet 3.5 is here and the latest bot supports it!  No build steps needed, just copy to the Desktop, unzip, set executable flag and run via the script provided below.
The bot start script will automatically re-run Mudlet should it quit.  To stop it, use the script which kills two tasks.  Now everyone gets the ability to auto-restart their bot with little effort.  Ingame you can use these commands to manage it, /enable bot restart, and /restart bot.

NOTE:  Mudlet 3 requires 64 bit.  I will update the install guides to use Ubuntu 16.04.  First I have to set it up myself and document everything xD

Start/Stop scripts for Mudlet3

Mudlet 3.6 AppImage for Linux

For the official Mudlet download page, go here.

UPDATE!  I have bundled a new Mods folder containing Allocs mod, Coppi's mod and StompyNZ's BadCompany mod.

Mods folder containing the current Allocs Mod with the latest Coppi's Additions for A16 and StompyNZ's BadCompany mod.

The most recent code and initial databases can be obtained from here.

The bot works with Alloc's Mod (by Alloc) with Coppi's additions.

The bot currently runs on top of Mudlet (A MUD client).  I use it because it is a telnet client with Lua scripting.  It is also lightning fast and very stable.  Do not use the official Mudlet.  Instead visit the Mudlet link below (Modded by TheFae) and follow his instructions to build our modded Mudlet from his project.  It adds a number of IRC functions, the main ones being the ability to auto join IRC and rejoin.  Also his mod removes the need to hex edit Mudlet.  You can do all that from the settings screen instead. Note: In the final build step, select the master branch or you will not have any of the improvements.  It can take a while to compile if you haven't allocated a few cores or enough memory, but it will get there.

You can download all of these from the links below..

Allocs Server Fixes

Mods folder containing the current Allocs Mod with the latest Coppi's Additions.

Mudlet (Modded by TheFae)

Sources for Coppi's Additions.


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