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Bot source updated 26 November 2017. Works with A15.2 (b8), A16.1, A16.2, A16.3, A16.4

Mudlet 3.6 is here and the latest bot supports it!  No build steps needed, just copy to the Desktop, unzip, set executable flag and run via the a script.
Visit the download page for more info and links.  Note that Mudlet 3 requires a 64bit OS and works out of the box with Ubuntu.

Botman is a server manager that you interact with ingame and/or via Internet Relay Chat rather than in an application window.  A web interface is in the works which will make the bot and server even easier to manage.

Botman is the code name for a Lua script written by Matthew Dwyer aka Smegz0r with help and input from many friends, players and admins.  It is released as open source so that if you have the skill, time and patience you can make it uniquely yours and even contribute cool new features back so that everyone gets a better bot.  Lua is really easy to learn and you can edit it while it is running!  How cool is that?  :D

It can run on low spec hardware or in the cloud.  It is fast, stable and feature rich with many commands for server owners, admins and players.  The bot has a personality and you can mould it how you want

The Windows build of Botman is on hold so that I can concentrate on other tasks.  The bot demands a lot of my time and I give a lot but I have to eat too.  I am still actively working on the bot but in other areas.

Contact me for the latest sources.  I update and maintain all bots that I release.  An estimated over 100 bots so far!  Contact me if you need help setting up a bot and/or a virtual machine for it.


Disclaimer:  I support the code that I publish.  Any private modifications to my code are the sole responsibility of the person making those modifications.
I do not support changes designed to require the exchange of real money for items or services using my code.

Need a coder?  Hire me.  Anything considered provided its legal.


Notes on A16 compatibility:

Any fixes that I release for A16 issues will be backward compatible with A15.

10:48 a.m. - Smegz0r: it now uses Stompy's mod to despawn zeds in safe zones instantly
10:48 a.m. - Smegz0r: doesn't do le on a timer, doesn't do llp on a timer and the main code that triggers for every single telnet line is more efficient
10:49 a.m. - Smegz0r: also the safezone code only triggers every minute instead of faster, except with Stompy's mod its instant if they spawn in the zone